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It’s not an easy task to launch your Consumer Tech products and/or services in a diversity of European countries. Even if these are already successful in other regions. We have experienced that (start-up) Consumer Tech companies are often overwhelmed with an increased European complexity in different languages, cultural behaviour, currencies, tax regulations and legal constraints. This, combined with a fragmented channel set-up, margin structure and local industry network, it can be quite costly and inefficient to explore & address the various European countries, all by yourself.

Simply assigning a local Distributor will not be the solution to overcome these challenges. It can actually have the opposite effect, as they often have more brands & priorities in their daily business routine. Where actual sales-out to your end consumer is not always of prime concern. Besides, managing these partner relationships directly (and from a distance) will have a major impact on the time & flexibility of your existing sales & marketing team (-s). Not allowing to spend precious time on other regions and/or business priorities.

Partnering with Go2marketstrategy will help you to start with the right go-to-market plan from the start, focus on pre-selected countries and launch with the best local channel partners in each European country. We will craft the framework of success together, having dedicated focus to accelerate sales growth in line with your commercial objectives set for Europe.

We are ready to become an extension of your team!

Accelerating Sales Growth

What we do!

Go2Marketstrategy offers you full support on your “wheel of fortune” to a successful go-to-market launch of Consumer Tech products & services in Europe. The below “wheel of fortune” model and sequence of (parallel) steps have been a proven methodology, showcasing many Go2Marketstrategy success stories in the recent past.

Most likely, some of the below Go2Marketstrategy services have been actioned already from your side. In this case, let us focus and support you on those steps where you feel there is a ‘blind spot’ on your European go-to-market entry. Our services tailored to your business needs!

Service Model

Go2Marketstrategy offer its services on either a consultancy, project or interim basis. Highly related to the stage, scope and focus of the project requirements.  Hence, we do believe in full flexibility and comparable rates where our support is measured against “adding value to your business” and the actual commercial results being achieved.

 Who we are?

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of highly trained experts within the European Consumer Tech channel. Having supported many Consumer Tech companies (like yours) in launching their brands, products & services successfully in all European countries. All of us do have a wide and strong (up-to-date) network within Consumer Tech Retail & Distribution. Solid relationships on a Pan-European and most valuable (local) country level.

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We can support you in by-passing barriers, avoiding costly mistakes, accelerate sales growth and most importantly build a profitable (European) Consumer Tech Retail base from the start.

As of our home base, we can enter in each local European market rather quickly, establish presence and rapidly generate revenue & profits right away.

Please be invited for a free consultation call. No strings attached.

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